Monday, May 1, 2017

English Rules

With labelmates like Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, and Section 25, the relatively unknown X.O.DUS was definitely the odd one out in the early days of the legendary Factory label. Which doesn't mean one should underestimate their English Black Boys, a tasty morsel of Manchester roots reggae produced by Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell. "Now they talk about repatriation..."

X.O.DUS - English Black Boys


The Swede said...

A magnificent thing. Though swathes of my record collection have disappeared over the years, I still have my original 12" of this.

Ramone666 said...

Cool, same here!

David Veinot said...

Love the strum pattern on this track. My only regret is where's the hype dub effect? There's a brief hint. I say bring it, man!