Monday, February 1, 2016

The Hook

Didn't get to see too many blues legends live alas, as most of 'em had passed away before I had a chance to buy myself a ticket. But I was lucky enough to see John Lee Hooker in concert once, back in '88. Made quite an impression, although he didn't show off his characteristic guitar work as much as I would have liked. A honky with a ponytail took care of the six string stuff mostly. Heck, John Lee was getting on in years after all... Anyway, here's a six pack of choice cuts in remembrance.

John Lee Hooker  - Two White Horses
John Lee Hooker - Black Snake
John Lee Hooker - No Friend Around (a.k.a. T.B.'s Killing Me)
John Lee Hooker - I'm Going Away
John Lee Hooker - I'm Bad Like Jesse James
John Lee Hooker -The Motor City Is Burning

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