Friday, January 29, 2016

Raised Up In The Cornfield

Finally managed to replace my copy of Delusions Of Banjer, that wonderful debut by the inimitable Bad Livers from Austin, Texas. My original copy fell victim to cd rot, I kid you not. To celebrate, here's a prime example of their modern twist on bluegrass, produced by Butthole Surfer Paul Leary. Banjo, fiddle and stand-up bass go wild, folks! And as a bonus track, as it's one of the greatest cover versions I've ever enjoyed, you get to hear them do the Pop, too.

Bad Livers - Uncle Lucius
Bad Livers -Lust For Life


Anonymous said...

So far, I've had two discs succumb to the dreaded cd rot, Ramone - both of them out of print now! Grrrr . . .

The Swede said...

I'd forgotten all about this version of 'Lust For Life'. Brilliant.