Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Version Galore

Two of my fave reggae compilations are credited to Rupie Edwards & Friends, and each one is based on a truckload of different versions of one particular riddim. Ire Feelings uses Everyday Wandering by Johnny Clarke as a basecamp of sorts, while Let There Be Version utilizes My Conversation by Slim Smith's Uniques to great effect. Dubs, instrumentals, deejay versions... When Rupie works his magic, it's all good. Six pack time!

Johnny Clarke - Everyday Wandering
Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings
Rupie Edwards All Stars - Feeling Horn
The Uniques - My Conversation
El Cisco Delgado - Mi Nuh Matta
Joe White - President Rock


The Swede said...

Magnificent. 'Ire Feelings' was the first reggae single I ever bought, 41 years ago. I feel old!

Charity Chic said...

Cheers - I always enjoy you Reggae six packs