Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Can't Go Back

"When I cut my hair and I rode away (...) with the sun in my eyes..." Sure thing that head Messenger MC Taylor had Dylan's Isis on the brain when he penned the lovely Mahogany Dread last year. Dude knows his classics well. Hell, the pic above even shows him toting that infamous Fender Dylan went electric with back in '65 at the Newport Folk Festival. A clear case of love and theft then so, which is cool in my book. And Bob's too, I guess.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Mahogany Dread
Bob Dylan - Isis (live Waterbury '75)
Bob Dylan - Isis (live Oklahoma City '76)

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The Swede said...

'Mahogany Dread' is great, as is the Waterbury version of 'Isis', which I didn't have. Thanks for sharing.