Tuesday, October 1, 2013

West Again

Paging all you Americana lovers out there: don't miss Israel Nash Gripka's new Rain Plans. Boy can play. Less of a Stones/Creedence influence this time around, and more of a Neil vibe, but that's cool too of course. Gripka's got an extensive European tour coming up; try to catch him if you can. Oh, and here's the inspired title track for ya.

Israel Nash Gripka - Rain Plans

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Théo said...

There is a great TV series in Norway called Dag about a marriage counselor who doesn't believe people should be married. "Beautiful" by Israel Nash Gripka is used prominently in it. You can see episodes (in Norwegian) on YouTube, and there are subtitles if you press CC (closed captioning) but I don't remember if they are in English or Norwegian.