Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cabras De La Montaña

You'll have to do without me for a week, as I'm off to the city of cities to celebrate my umpteenth birthday in style. Noticed just in time the Mountain Goats will be playing Sala Apolo there this Saturday, so that was a no-brainer of course. Tickets in the bag. Been a fan of John Darnielle's work more or less since he started out, but I saw him perform only once so far, back in '95 at the legendary lofi festival Fast Forward in Nijmegen, Holland. From that gig, here's a rare outing of Going To Palestine.

Mountain Goats - Going To Palestine (live Nijmegen '95)

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Ramone666 said...

Goats were cool. Venue, not so much. Euro 4.50 for a small beer in a plastic cup? Obscene.