Sunday, March 18, 2012


Since I noticed with satisfaction that a lot of readers really enjoy the flamenco stuff I post here, and not too many blogs feature it on a regular basis, here we go again with a hotblooded Spanish six pack. And in case you're interested in buying some cd's, here and here are two recommended online stores specialized in flamenco. ¡Vámonos, mi amigos da musica!

Fernando De La Morena con Moraíto - Vamonos Pá Sevilla
Jesús Méndez - No Consiento Que Me Digas
Duquende - La Telita
Paco Cepero - De Pura Cepa
Vicente Amigo con Potito - Campo De La Verdad
El Chato De La Isla - Ese Muchacho


Holly said...

All your selections are excellent. Lots of exploring & listening to do now! Thank you. :-)

Ramone666 said...

De nada. Gracias.

fredh said...

Really appreciate your flamenco posts. Most of these names are new to me; I see that I'm missing a lot!

Ramone666 said...

Will try & post some new flamenco soon, Fred. Glad you dig it.