Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hustle Bustle

Costello does a Dury, live at Leicester Uni, 1977. Featuring Davey Payne, that fine fine saxophone man of the Blockheads. No need to hustle...

Elvis Costello - Roadette Song

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Go Barack said...

I just saw Elvis Costello in Durham, NC this past Sunday. Fabulous show. Elvis has become quite the showman over the years. Is he no longer angry, or just faking it? I suspect
a little bit of both. I stumbled on your website after googling
Hustle Bustle, only to check on the spelling. Some joker on a real estate website spelled it Hustle Bussell. Maybe they just got back from Brussels...or just finished eating brussel
sprouts...or both.

Is that Elvis's English accent when he says Drury (with an extra r)? I can't imagine he doesn't know Ian's last name. Hit me with your rhythm stick...Hit me...Hit me.
Two fat bastards, click click click!