Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Rays

"Good morning, sunshine, you're all around my head,
Good morning, sunshine, I'm ready to be led..."
Or: I'm off for two weeks to catch some much-needed rays.
¡Hasta luego/see you later!

Big Star - Watch The Sunrise MP3
Relatively Clean Rivers - Hello Sunshine MP3
Margo Guryan - Sun MP3
Peter Hammill - Sunshine MP3
The Halo Bit - When The Sun Hits Me MP3
Bob Mould - Sunspots MP3
The Pogues - The Sunny Side Of The Street MP3
Bunny Gale - In The Burning Sun MP3
Rip Rig & Panic - Shadows Only There Because Of The Sun MP3
The Outsiders - Sun's Going Down MP3


1001Songs said...

That Pogues song has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for posting

Ernie Goggins said...


VaTAga said...

Great compilation, Sir! Your work is all we need in summertime!

BOPST said...

Love the site. Are you going to post anything soon? It always makes my day...

Ramone666 said...

Back soon, I promise.