Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 63

Wild Weekend, take 63. A little something for everyone as usual, though I obviously dig it all. Be it reggae or soul, freakcore or flamenco-jazz. Or is that jazz-flamenco? Doesn't matter really. Just have a wild one.

Kicking off with a Nostradamus alert. "There's something burning away at me so deep inside, I can't hide it anymore..." Could it really be that the way underrated Supreme Dicks foresaw the recent Arab Spring nearly twenty years before the fact? Answers on the proverbial postcard, and please don't miss this rather magnificent piece from '93. Our weekly reggae track comes courtesy of Enos McLeod. Enos was a fine singer who sadly never really hit it big, and it sure doesn't help that the excellent career overview The Genius Of Enos on the mighty Pressure Sounds label is long out of print already. Demand a repress, my Babylon brethren.

Supreme Dicks - The Arabian Song MP3
Enos McLeod - Jericho MP3

In the new music department we've got a beauty of a song by Village Of Spaces Corners, the collective formerly known as Uke Of Phillips. Pastoral freakfolk, like Pentangle crossing paths with the Sun City Girls. You can order their new disc Alchemy And Trust, which took three years to make and offers a guest role to the great Michael Hurley, here. Do it now, I'd say. Meanwhile, we continue with a way-too-obscure soul diva. Mitty Collier recorded her best work for the famous Chess label in the sixties, and the heartily recommended compilation Shades Of Mitty Collier is choc-a-bloc with scorchers as I'm Satisfied. "Nobody else can do what you do to me... oooh baby that's just how it ought to be." Indeed.

Village Of Spaces Corners - Ovums Influence MP3
Mitty Collier - I'm Satisfied MP3

Jazz and flamenco may not be the most likely bedfellows, but it's known to work. Especially when Spanish sax great Pedro Iturralde teams up with guitar virtuoso Paco De Lucía. A song like Adios Granada, recorded sometime in the late sixties, almost effortlessly brings you the best of both worlds. And we make our exit tripping back to the early nineties with Victims Family, freakcore students supreme at the renowned NoMeansNo academy. Loose the screws, close the blinds, go wild and enjoy.

Pedro Iturralde con Paco De Lucía - Adios Granada MP3
Victims Family - Caged Bird MP3

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Holly said...

Really looking forward to the Village of Spaces Corners lp!

And that's one of my fave Supreme Dicks songs :-)