Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Truckin' With The Cat

Hi-de-ho, partners. Like double entendres? Wanna hear two very funny, risqué novelty songs, in a jazzy Western Swing style? Here ya go. The Modern Mountaineers ('37) use a saxophone, a jazzy guitar and J.R. Chatwell's hot fiddle to get their message across. Listen closely to find that their lead singer Smokey Woods doesn't actually sing 'trucking' all the time... Meanwhile, the Light Crust Doughboys ('38) are all stressed out, looking for their lost kitty. More fine fiddling on this guaranteed earworm. "My pussy has no stripes, and besides it ain't never smelled like that..." Meow.

Modern Mountaineers - Everybody's Truckin' MP3
The Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy MP3

1 comment:

kinghorror said...

Right up my street (if you see what I mean)
Keep up the good work Sir