Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take A Look At My Life

Happy seventieth birthday, Bob. Forever young.

Bob Dylan - Old Man (live in Elmira '02) MP3

And as a bonus, here's a cool couple of songs from a recently unearthed, sadly incomplete but excellent soundboard tape of a Rolling Thunder Revue gig in Lowell, Massachusetts on 2 November '75.

Bob Dylan - Romance In Durango (live in Lowell '75) MP3
Bob Dylan - Isis (live in Lowell '75) MP3
Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - I Shall Be Released (live in Lowell '75) MP3


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!
I've been ingesting an unholy amount of Dylan this past week, but what - for any other artist - would be a lethal amount only seems to increase my ability to ingest. So thanks for the Lowell tunes. I had never heard them before.

shadreck said...

Most enjoyable. Many thanks.

Ramone666 said...

My pleasure guys, and thanks for the heads-up.

D. said...

Oh, far out! I will just gush here instead of being the 'well-informed fan' and 'writer' I am. I was at that Elmira show... my hometown ... and when they built the arena I said 'it's the perfect size for Bob Dylan' -- As soon as I saw the top of the poster I didn't even have to guess before I scrolled down ... Bob also did a couple of Warren Zevon numbers in Elmira ...his old friend was then dying of cancer. My best offstage memories include everybody smoking (an Arena no-no!!), and seeing lit fag-ends and joints bobbing up and down in the dark from all the bodies standing on the floor ... and an old guy busking really badly on the accordion beforehand outside the entrance, his accordion case overflowing with tip money.