Friday, May 6, 2011

Colour Me Gold

"Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold..." The last installment in this series, as I have plain run out of colours, has got the Midas touch all over it. Postpunk legends Magazine go 007, country pioneer Hank Snow buys a one way ticket, and soul saviour Terry Callier mourns a love affair gone bad. Former Swell Map Nikki Sudden finds his pockets all empty, Britpoppers the Wonder Stuff use a golden banjo, and hiphoppers EPMD fall into a trap. "Oh you big big dummy..." Good stuff? Go buy some of the featured albums, ok?

Magazine - Goldfinger MP3
Hank Snow - The Golden Rocket MP3
Terry Callier - Golden Circle MP3
Nikki Sudden - All The Gold MP3
The Wonder Stuff - Golden Green MP3
EPMD - Gold Digger MP3

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