Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 57

It's here, it's now. Wild Weekend, edition 57. Featuring tropical afro funk, ancient blues, and obscure nineties indierock. Plus uncle Bob. How do you like it now? Have a wild one.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's kick off with a piping hot piece of afro funk courtesy of the wonderfully named Atomic Bomb Zigoto from (I think) Ghana. Their recipe is simple: find the groove as soon as possible, then stay in it. Effortlessly. Call? Answer! Cream on the cake: that screeching Ornette sax near the end. Find it on an extremely hot West African funk compilation called Booniay!! Let's go way back now, with an inspired piano blues from the delta by Louise Johnson - who wasn't related to Robert, Tommy, Lonnie or Blind Willie as far as I know. Recorded in 1930, and featuring a veritable all-star cast: you can hear Son House, Charley Patton & Willie Brown egging her on in the background. "Lord, I'm gon' get drunk and I'm gon' walk these streets all night, 'cause the man I'm lovin', I swear he sure don't treat me right..." You go girl.

Atomic Bomb Zigoto - Menyeckse MP3
Louise Johnson - All Night Long Blues MP3

More or less forgotten indie rock bands from the nineties, I could fill a whole blog with them if I felt so inclined. Rest assured, I don't, but it's fun to dig up the odd dusty gem every once in a while. This week we're grooving to Chi for instance, a poppy track by a long gone eastcoast combo called Caterpillar. And ok, here's one more now that I'm in the mood. How about a decidedly weirdly titled piece of sonic mayhem by San Diego scenesters Truman's Water? Their Of Thick Tum album ('92) has stood the test of time remarkably well. I vaguely recall a glorious mess of a live show, and wonder what happened to them.

Caterpillar - Chi MP3
Truman's Water - Wing Spread Wide I Thot "Ignition" MP3

Ever thought you'd hear what's more or less a companion song to Dylan's Mozambique? Thanks to Balthazar B And The Beatitudes you can now. Balthazar, a Brit residing in gay Paree, will release his debut ep Like Shrapnel this week; go here tout suite if you dig their charming tribute to the beautiful island of Madagascar. And we'll go out country style - of sorts - with the master himself, and his heartfelt tribute to old pal Johnny Cash. "Ever so often everybody's baby gets the urge to roam, everybody's baby but mine's coming home..."

Balthazar B And The Beatitudes - Madagascar MP3
Bob Dylan - Train Of Love MP3

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