Thursday, April 7, 2011

Colour Me Black

"Black night is falling - oh how I hate to be alone..." A pitch black, hand picked six pack for your listening pleasure. In this edition of Colour Me, Arthur Alexander's sweet vocals are accompanied by a particularly fine mouth harp, Erroll Dunkley looks all over Trenchtown for his black Cinderella, while Mick Collins and his Dirtbombs run away with a classic Phil Lynott composition. The pairing of Leroy Carter and Mississippi Sheik Walter Vinson works a bluesy treat, unless you happen to suffer from arachnophobia. Little John & the Monks, the only whiteys in this collection, offer up a strong sixties garage ballad, and the Travellers skank their way straight out of Babylon. Dig these tunes? Consider buying a few featured albums.

Arthur Alexander - Black Night MP3
Erroll Dunkley - Black Cinderella MP3
Dirtbombs - Ode To A Black Man MP3
Leroy Carter & Walter Vinson - Black Widow Spider MP3
Little John & The Monks - Black Winds MP3
Travellers - Black Black Mind MP3

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shadreck said...

Enjoying your blog ... on my first visit.

Will be back. Many thanks