Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 50

Welcome to Wild Weekend #50, the Golden Jubilee edition, yessir. Me oh my, how the time does fly and all that. Yassassin! This week we´ve got a fine oldie from Gillian Welch for you, a cool countryrock re-release, a postpunk krautrocker, and that´s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of course.

We´ll start off this milestone edition with the Thin White Duke, if only because Yassassin means ´long live´ in Turkish. A groovy immigrant song from Lodger, Bowie´s last really great album and part three of his Berlin trilogy, it always makes me happy somehow. "Don't want to leave, or drift away..." Gillian Welch hasn´t released any new music since 2003, apparently because of a writer´s block. Shame, as the rootsy singer´s talents are many. Just try on the touching Elvis Presley Blues for size, from the fine Time (The Revelator) album with David Rawlings as always on guitar, and join me in hoping that her inspiration will return soon.

David Bowie - Yassassin MP3
Gillian Welch - Elvis Presley Blues MP3

I managed to miss last years re-release of Grandma´s Roadhouse by Riley somehow, but all that has been corrected now, and I´m glad. Because we´re talking about a cool, very obscure countryrock album from 1970 here, which originally came out on vinyl in a vanity pressing of only 500 copies. And yes, that´s the mighty Gary Stewart, no stranger to these pages, guesting on vocals on the faintly Band-like Drinkin´ Them Squeezins. Wonder if he ever performed a song which didn´t mention drinking... You may know Jah Wobble as the bassist for his mate Johnny Lydon´s Public Image Ltd., and Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit as prominent members of pioneering krautrockers Can. But did you know they briefly played together, too? The result? Excellent, dubby postpunk with a groove.

Riley - Drinkin´ Them Squeezins MP3
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - How Much Are They? MP3

Ever tried you hand at flamenco clapping? I did, and it´s far from easy believe me. Great fun though. Here´s an excellent opportunity to practice your skills: a classic performance by famous gypsy singer Antonia Gilabert Vargas (1925-1975), better known as La Perla De Cádiz. And last but certainly not least, we move to the windy city once again. If you would ask me for my fave electric blues song ever, I´d probably come up with Reap What You Sow by lefthander Otis Rush. Soulful perfection from Chicago´s West Side. Just check it out and have a wild one.

La Perla De Cádiz - Ganas Me Dan De Volverme MP3
Otis Rush - Reap What You Sow MP3

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Holly said...

'Wonder if he ever performed a song which didn´t mention drinking..'

Ha! Great post. Going off to further explore Riley. The Czukay/Wobble/Liebezeit material is indeed wonderful. Thank you!

I would slap myself in the face, fall over & break my nose if I were to ever attempt flamenco clapping, so I think I'll just listen ;-)