Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colour Me Yellow

How about some more colour in your lives? You know you need some. So come in, Aaron... "Oh yellow moon can you tell me, if the girl's with another man?" Sets the tone for yet another diverse hand picked six pack for your listening pleasure, coloured yellow this time. Featuring sweet New Orleans soul by the Neville Brothers, sharp lofi jugband sounds by The Scene Is Now, and a horny delta blues by Bertha Lee with 'papa' Charley Patton on guitar. Plus epic prog rock by Peter Hammill's Van Der Graaf, an intense folk song by the late great Jackson C. Frank and last but not least some hypnotic Afrobeat by Fela and crew. Dig it? Buy some of the albums these songs come from why don´t you.

The Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon MP3
The Scene Is Now - Yellow Sarong MP3
Bertha Lee - Yellow Bee MP3
Van Der Graaf - Cat´s Eye/Yellow Fever (Running) MP3
Jackson C. Frank - Yellow Walls MP3
Fela Kuti - Yellow Fever MP3

3 comments: said...

Beautiful song of Jackson C!

Holly said...

Thank you for NOT including Coldplay.

Y'know, there are enough other cool yellow songs for a f/u post...

Ramone666 said...

Your´re welcome ;-)