Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sugar Pie

You just can´t fail when a soul singer is called Sugar Pie DeSanto, right? Right. Sugar Pie, whose given name was the equally amazing Umpeylia Marsema Balinton, was given her sweet stage moniker by bandleader Johnny ´Handjive´ Otis. She enjoyed her biggest smash in 1960 with I Want To Know on Chess by way of the small Velltone label, but I personally prefer the grittier I Don´t Wanna Fuss from ´64. "Now I know that you´ve been playing with some other girl in town, but I´m willing to forgive and forget if you just settle down..."

Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Want To Know MP3
Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Don´t Wanna Fuss MP3

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Anonymous said...

I went to see Sugar Pie about 15 years ago at Eli's Mile High Club in West Oakland. She was still pretty wild.