Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sonny´s Burning

"When the grim reaper knocks on your door,
he don´t inquire if you´re rich or poor,
and it makes no difference if your loved or despised,
six feet of earth makes us all the same size..."

If you like your country music honky tonk style, the work of obscure singer Sonny Burns just might be right up your alley. A fine collection of his mid-fifties songs called Satan´s A Waitin´ has just been released on the Righteous label, and it´s filled to the brim with dark, sad and sorrowful tales that´ll make you cry in your beer in no time. Or, in case of the upbeat title track, laugh out loud at the way he puts his woman down. "Satan´s a waitin´ just to give his job to you..." And while Burns may not have the sublime vocal abilities of his former labelmate George Jones (with whom he duets on 2 tracks here), a fine barroom piano and razor sharp fiddling more than make up for that. So what are you waitin´ for?

"You may cheat your neighbour, and fool your wife,
but the foolin´ is over when you run out of life,
when in that black hearse you take your last ride,
six feet of earth makes us all the same size..."

Sonny Burns - Six Feet Of Earth MP3
Sonny Burns - Satan´s A Waiting´ MP3
Sonny Burns - I Ain´t Long For This World MP3

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Holly said...

This is a nice upgrade to my old Starday comp - thanks for the info!