Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inside My Heart, Inside My Dreams

Time to remember two of my musical heroes today. On June 29 back in 1975, the great Tim Buckley passed away. If someone would ask me to describe the voice of an angel, I´d simply play him some Buckley. The majestic The River perhaps. "If you come to love me, you'll stay forever..."

And also on this day, in 1979, singer, songwriter and slide player extraordinaire Lowell George breathed his last. Hardly a week goes by without me groovin´ to the sounds of Little Feat. To paraphrase one of his lines from Spanish Moon: "I´d pawn my watch, and sell my ring, just to hear these guys sing..."

Tim Buckley - The River MP3
Little Feat - Spanish Moon MP3


hambone said...

"voice of an angel": tell it brother tell it. he's a revelation every single time you press play on his albums.

Curt Shannon said...

I hear you brother... especially Lowell George. "Waiting for Columbus" never gets old. Thanks for posting.