Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 19

It´s a Wild Weekend yet again and I guess you all know what that means by now... Here´s another diverse bunch of goldies, with special thanks to the magic of the iPod shuffle. Hey ho.

We´re off to a rather furious start with bassless Detroit garage trio the Gories and their highly inflammable John Lee Hooker cover Let Your Daddy Ride. Production: that late Memphis man Alex Chilton of course. Lower down your chariot, baby, and buy their glorious I Know You Be Houserockin´ cd forthwith. Meanwhile in Jamaica, the golden-voiced Meditations face an obvious truth: Life Is Not Easy. But when Lee ´Scratch´ Perry gets behind his Black Ark mixing board he manages to skank their troubles away ever so smoothly.

The Gories - Let Your Daddy Ride MP3
The Meditations - Life Is Not Easy MP3

If you like the Harry Smith Anthology as much as I do, you´re bound to dig a little deeper in that musical vernacular. In that case, you should try Prayers From Hell: White Gospel & Sinner Blues 1927-1940, an excellent compilation of near-ancient folk, blues and country. The weary but optimistic Worried Man Blues by Rodgers & Nicholson is only one gem out of many. And here´s another duo: the peculiar combination of Neil Hagerty (vocals and guitar) and Jennifer Herrema (vocals and looks). Which means we´re talking Royal Trux, we´re talking experimental Stones junkie sleaze and blossoming blood flowers in the morning. From their much recommended, untitled third album (´92).

Rodgers & Nicholson - Worried Man Blues MP3
Royal Trux - Blood Flowers MP3

One HipHop cd I can never get enough of is the spooky Liquid Swords by Genius/GZA, he of the Wu-Tang conglomerate. The sparse Shadowboxin´ is a prime example of its perfect flow. Oh man! And for the last song in this week´s sixpack, we move to smoggy L.A. and a new band I´m much enamored of at the moment. Wounded Lion is the name of the game, all dressed up like a Pavement from hell. Their fuzzy debut is out now on the small and always classy In The Red label, which provides an excellent mail order service as well. So what are you waiting for?

Genius/GZA - Shadowboxin´ MP3
Wounded Lion - Creatures In The Cave MP3


ib said...

Well. I've never previously checked out The Gories, but based on this Chilton driven sidecar to The Clash's version of "Brand New Cadillac", I intend to remedy that.

And they do a cover of Harry Nilsson's "Early in the Morning" too ?


ib said...

Thanks for The Meditations entry, too. And I could listen to more of Wounded Lion, too. I get the Pavement reference, but what a Sterling Morrison / Lou Reed groove. Very nice.

Ramone666 said...

That Wounded Lion album is the most refreshing debut I´ve heard in a long time. Hearing a Velvets groove in there is spot on of course.