Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Vegetables

Just got word there´s a new book on Syd Barrett coming out soon. A Telegraph review of Rob Chapman´s Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head definitely sounds promising, so if you´re one of them snobs like me who thinks a Floyd without the madcap is no Floyd at all you better start saving up. In the meantime, check out some fine rarities of Pink Floyd featuring mr. Barrett below. "And all the lot is what I got, it's what I wear, it's what you see, it must be me, it's what I am..."

Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man MP3
Pink Floyd - Lucy Leave MP3
Pink Floyd - Candy And A Currant Bun MP3
Pink Floyd - Scream Thy Last Scream MP3

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Unknown said...

yeh, cos there aren't enough books about Syd Barrett already. I must have read four. I very much doubt there's anything new to be added to the legend by now - especially after the over-detailed "Lost in the Woods".