Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 14

High time for Wild Weekend #14. A special number that, as it´s the dorsal Johan Cruijff got famous with. Pele, Best, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Van Basten, Romario, Zidane and Maldini, to name but a few, were all downright amazing players and young Messi is currently in mouthwatering form, but Johan still gets my vote as the best footy player ever. Wasn´t too bad as a coach either. No wonder he just got appointed as honorary president of FC Barcelona. Anyway, on to the music now. Curious to hear what the iPod´s shuffle thingy has lined up for you this week? Then lace up your boots and read on.

"You might miss me when I´m gone..." I´ve said it before here and I´ll say it again: if you haven´t got Terry Callier´s funky ´73 masterpiece What Color Is Love, you´re really missing out on something special. Listen to the exemplary You Goin´ To Miss Your Candyman, then go buy this album asap. Thirty five years after her death, Umm Kulthum - or Oum Khalsoum, the spelling of her name always is a bit of a gamble in the west - is still revered in her native Egypt and all over the Arab world. No wonder, as her vocal abilities were nothing short of amazing. Here she is at the height of her powers, with slashing strings galore.

Terry Callier - You Goin´ To Miss Your Candyman MP3
Umm Kulthum - Qadet Hayati Hayra Alek MP3

"There's a girl living in this town, she's a fox and she knows it well..." One day when his ship comes in, Dave Edmunds is gonna make Deborah wonder where he´s been, and rightly so. From what I consider the pubrocker´s finest hour: Trax On Wax 4 (´78). Cleveland´s adventurous early punk scene has always been dear to my heart. Pere Ubu is best known of course, but let´s not forget the Electric Eels, Styrenes or Mirrors. She Smiled Wild (from a ´75 single on Ubu´s Hearthan label) is a perfect example of the latter´s Velvets-inspired sound.

Dave Edmunds - Deborah MP3
Mirrors - She Smiled Wild MP3

Os Mutantes hail Satan on this weird piece of Brazilian pychedelica, and why not? I´ve got their Everything Is Possible compilation on David Byrne´s Luaka Bop label, which is excellent musically, but for some reason doesn´t present the songs in chronological order. And that´s a bummer. And we´ve already come to the end of another Wild Weekend with a song from the one and only Crazy Horse. Featuring Danny Whitten, Jack Nitzsche and Nils Lofgren, Gone Dead Train comes from their eponymous ´71 debut. A solid album, but somehow I keep missing the presence of a certain Canadian loner every time I play it...

Os Mutantes - Ave, Lúcifer MP3
Crazy Horse - Gone Dead Train MP3


simon2307 said...

The Cruijff turn, spent hours practising that, what a player he was - legend.

ib said...

Cruyff. Yes. What a player.

I think it was his skill on the field during the 1974 world cup - not long after he signed to Barcelona after Ajax - which prompted me 'switch' allegiance from my own national squad.

And, it was Jock wallace - as manager of Leicester City by then - who attempted to poach Cruyff from UD Levante in 1981.

Anyway. It has been a while since I last heard that Dave Edmunds' track.

Great stuff, but more tinny in sound than I remember.

Ramone666 said...

That´s probably the MP3, Ib. My olde vinyl copy definitely sounds better. Didn´t know that about Jock Wallace. Would have been something, Johan playing for the Foxes.