Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How To Spend The End Times

Another Bonnie Prince Billy album, another keeper. I wasn´t too fond of his last studio outing Beware to be honest, but the live Funtown Comedown was big fun once again. For that one Will Oldham teamed up with a band called The Picket Line, which the prolific bard already ditched just a few months later. Now it´s time for The Cairo Gang, which is basically old Bonnie sidekick Emmett Kelly on guitar. And with his stark, clear tone, Kelly definitely leaves his mark on the resulting Wonder Show Of The World, which is decidedly less dark and ramshackle as your average Bonnie Billy/Palace product.

As there´s a review I can totally live with over at the esteemed Aquarium Drunkard blog, I´ll limit myself to singling out my absolute highlight of the album. And that´s the long, lyrical centerpiece That´s What Our Love Is, beautifully sung by the Louisville Lion. Rather remarkable lyrics too: "I believe these are end times... wouldn´t it be best to be together then? The smell of your box on my moustache, or a crossword on our mind..."

Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang - That´s What Our Love Is MP3

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Alas, track deleted for copyright infringement. Losers.