Friday, March 13, 2009

Three By Eric

Eric Taylor that is, a way underrated singer/songwriter. All three songs below stem from his gripping ´01 masterpiece Scuffletown, the one with the beautiful Edward Hopper-inspired painting on the cover. Sparse and melancholic, as albums in this genre should be. Where I Lead Me is a Townes Van Zandt cover, and a good one at that. His rambling mix of Delia - that ancient beauty better known through Blind Willie McTell and Dylan - and his own Bad News somehow reminds me of Patti in Horses-mode, or Astral Weeks-Van. Check ´em out and tell me what you think ok?

Eric Taylor - Happy Endings MP3
Eric Taylor - Where I Lead Me MP3
Eric Taylor - Delia/Bad News MP3


bob said...

more folk need to hear this man

Ramone666 said...

My sentiment exactly Bob. Thanks for your comment.

L said...

I like his voice, but I love the piano and arrangement on Where I Lead Me. And I LOVE your blog - what a great discovery. And such a labor of love. Can't wait to explore more. Thanks for your considerable efforts.

Ramone666 said...

Cheers L. You just made my Paddy´s day.