Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Groove Me

When you´re done reading here, I advise you to check out a new, collective blog called Groover´s Paradise. The simple but highly effective purpose of that blog is to ´celebrate the great music of the 20th century in three sentences or less´. Sounds good, right? So far the spotlight´s been on artists like Doug Sahm, Buck Owens, The Flatlanders and Swamp Dogg. And yes, yours truly is planning to post there quite often as well...

A song I could have written about on Groover´s Paradise, but which I´ll use here instead to illustrate this entry, is Dylan´s Billy, a wonderful song found in four different arrangements on the somewhat underrated soundtrack to Sam Peckinpah´s Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid western. Dylan never performed this Mexican flavored beauty from ´73 in concert... until a few days back, when he suddenly decided to surprise a lucky Stockholm crowd with it. Nice organ. And many thanks to the taper of course.

Bob Dylan - Billy 7 MP3
Bob Dylan - Billy (live 23-3-´09) MP3

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