Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Roast Fish & Corn Bread

Still in doubt what to serve your guests at the Xmas dinner this year? The Upsetter´s got the solution. Keep it simple and eat ital food at your festivities: roast fish and cornbread for instance. Don´t forget to generously fill up them plates: "I´m a working man so I feed up strong... nothing can go wrong." Drink a lot of water too, because you have to take care of your body as if it was a car. "Throw some water in your radiator." If you don´t, you just might catch a case of soul fire. Seen?

People often say Scratch may be a wizard producer, but is lacking as a singer. A Jamaican nightingale he surely isn´t, but on the very rootsy classic Roast Fish Collie Weed & Cornbread - from ´78, and his first album to feature nothing but Perry vocals - his eccentric delivery is nothing short of amazing. Bon appetit!

Lee Perry - Roast Fish & Cornbread MP3
Lee Perry - Favorite Dish MP3
Lee Perry - Throw Some Water In MP3
Lee Perry - Soul Fire MP3

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