Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Zimmy!

It just happens to be Bob Dylan´s birthday today, so celebrations are obviously in order. Cut the cake - 67 candles - and pop the corks for Robert Allen Zimmerman, born May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. Singer, songwriter, musician, poet, author, dj. Commandeur Des Arts Et Des Lettres, winner of an Oscar and a Pulitzer prize. Or as he´s fond of saying about himself: just a song and dance man. For The Sake Of The Song would like to celebrate Zim´s birthday by playing you some live highlights from early 1997, the year he nearly died of histoplasmosis, some kind of heart disease.

First up is a pretty rare live outing of the traditional Pretty Peggy-O, one of the songs from his debut way back in ´62. Some great singing here; check out how he venomously phrases the line "your cities I will burn" for instance. Dylan performed Viola Lee Blues only one time in his career. It´s an old blues song he probably learned from the Grateful Dead. Roving Gambler is another traditional, best known in the version of the Stanley Brothers. And last but not least there´s a beautiful cover of the murder ballad Long Black Veil, also a one-off performance. And now I´m gonna open up another bottle of bubbly. May you stay forever young Bob, and see you live here in Spain soon... Cheers!

Bob Dylan - Pretty Peggy-O (live Albany 18-4-´97) MP3
Bob Dylan - Viola Lee Blues (live Sapporo 24-2-´97) MP3
Bob Dylan - Roving Gambler (live Hartford 19-4-´97) MP3
Bob Dylan - Long Black Veil (live Wheeling 28-4-´97) MP3


Private Beach said...

Thanks for these. You marked Pretty Peggy-O as '07 - did you mean '97?

Ramone666 said...

Oops... ´97 of course, changed that now. Thanks for the alert.