Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Black Forest, light rain

Back in the early seventies, a German woman called Sibylle Baier recorded some beautiful songs at home on a reel to reel recorder. Then, nothing. She simply continued living her life, content to let her music be heard by family and friends only. She had kids to raise, and was apparently also active as a dancer, painter and actress. She even appeared in a movie by the great German director Wim Wenders, who´s most probably the Wim in one of her songs. 

A few years ago, Sibylle´s son Robby came into contact with J Mascis and told the Dinosaur Jr guitarist about his mother´s music. Mascis got a tape and liked what he heard so much he decided to shop for a record label to get Sibylle´s work officially released. His efforts led to the impressive Colour Green album (Orange Twin ´06). Fourteen short, deceptively simple songs of melancholy and longing. "Give us your smile for awhile, may it guide us through the dark." Think Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Vashti Bunyan or even Nico, albeit without the heavy German accent and the harmonium. Think of the Black Forest in a light rain. An ideal record for late-night listening. Word has it that Sibylle is recording songs for a new album as we speak. That would make a nearly fourty year hiatus; surely a world record?

Sibylle Baier - Tonight MP3
Sibylle Baier - Softly MP3
Sibylle Baier - Wim MP3

3 comments: said...

I love her songs. Even Loretta can sing along with Sybille when she sings: today I came home from work,.......... it hurts

Ramone666 said...

I´m sure your Loretta is a much better singer than I am. I try in the shower but no cigar. I can sing along with the Shaggs though...

Divinyl said...

I've never heard of her before...these songs are just lovely :o) Thank you.