Monday, April 28, 2008

Neil over Europe pt. 1: acoustic Young

Just got in a five disc set with one version of all the fifty-something songs Neil Young played during his recent European tour. The audio quality is breathtakingly good in most cases, and luckily the performances are pretty amazing too. The outrage about the very high ticket prices for the shows was justified of course, but from what I heard the people who decided to fork over their hard earned cash were never disappointed in the end.

The sets were a good mix between the old and the new, the classics and the rarely played, while a song like Campaigner was even lyrically updated: Nixon became Bush of course. Neil: "Where even George Bush has got soul..." Audience member: "No way!" Say what you will, but the old dinosaur´s still got plenty of soul. Here are some beauties from the acoustic sets; please stay tuned for pt. 2 of this series, which will feature some highlights of the electric Young. Soon, soon.

Neil Young - From Hank To Hendrix (live Antwerp 11-2-´08) MP3
Neil Young - Sad Movies (live Antwerp 11-2-´08) MP3
Neil Young - Campaigner (live Amsterdam 20-2-´08) MP3
Neil Young - Stringman (live Amsterdam 18-2-´08) MP3
Neil Young - Separate Ways (live Vienna 22-2-´08) MP3


Unknown said...

Thanks for this. Don't be shy about posting more; a lot more.

I was at one of the Manchester shows, and it was great. The electric set wasn't loud enough though. I know it was supposed to be that way, but I wanted old black to shake the room right down.

Also I had to listen to the guy next to me sing along to "Heart of Gold".

The story about Bush was quite funny; here's something funny that happened at the show I saw:

Neil sang "Mellow My Mind" on the banjo, then put the banjo down and a member of the audience shouted, "Neil! Play 'Homegrown' on the banjo!"

Neil said, "hmm... I'll have to try that some time."

Then as he picked up another guitar the guy shouted it out again, and Neil said, "Have you ever heard me do that?"

"er... in my mind..."

"yeh, but have you ever heard me do that?"


Ramone666 said...

Thanks Neil! Look out for some great electric songs tomorrow.

MR_M said...

there's no chance that you may re-upload these again at some point is there?
i heard sad movies when neil was in seattle and instantly fell in love with it.
i've been looking for a copy of sad movies forever!!
great taste and nice blog!