Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eyes on the prize

Today the Pulitzer Prize Board presented a Special Citation to Bob Dylan for ´his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power´. It was the first time Pulitzer judges, who have long favored classical music, and, more recently, jazz, gave an award to someone operating in the field of rock ´n´ roll. Great stuff. Us fans knew he was up there with the true greats in whatever field all along, but it never hurts to see these ridiculous barriers between so-called high and low culture getting lifted a bit. What´s next? Stockholm, let´s have your votes please... Time to celebrate with a handful of amazing live tracks not available on official releases. A spur of the moment selection, as there´s too much excellent material in the vaults to choose from really.   

Dylan played the Blind Boy Fuller song Weeping Willow only once, during one of his legendary Supper Club shows In New York City (17 November ´93, late show). Nice and bluesy. Shelter From The Storm was recorded in Prague, on 11 March ´95. Dylan was ill that night, and therefore didn´t play any guitar. With just a microphone to hold on to, he´s practically crooning here. The old warhorse Mr. Tambourine Man is next, in a slow, delicate arrangement as performed on 18 May ´95 in Los Angeles. Note the beautifully sparse harp playing. The next selection features Bob as a chansonnier of sorts. The Times We´ve Known, also a one-off, is a song by none other than Charles Aznavour, originally titled Les Bons Moments. It was recorded on November 1st, 1998 in Madison Square Garden, New York City. Mama You Been On My Mind comes from a concert in Anaheim on 10 March 2000. Beautiful song, and great diction here by Bob. "It don´t even matter where you´re waking up tomorrow... mama you just been on my mind." 

Congrats Bob. If the good lord´s willing and the creeks don´t rise, I´ll see you in Pamplona this June.

Bob Dylan - Weeping Willow (live ´93) MP3
Bob Dylan -  Shelter From The Storm (live ´95) MP3
Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man (live ´95) MP3
Bob Dylan - The Times We´ve Known (live ´98) MP3
Bob Dylan - Mama,  You Been On My Mind (live ´00) MP3

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