Friday, May 7, 2021

For Your Eyes Only


Evil, blue, starry? You name it, we've got it, so here's another eye-opening six pack. Eye-catching artwork by the all-seeing Tinca. Her fine exhibition in Belgium is still going by the way: do pay a visit if you can. Now groove to the eye, my amigos da musica.

Clifford Jordan & John Gilmore - Evil Eye
Young John Watson - I Got Eyes
Lenny Drake - Love Eyes
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Groove To The Eye
Kendra Smith - Stars Are In Your Eyes
T.C. Matic - Middle Class And Blue Eyes


Spence said...

Another good selection there, all artists previously unknown to me proving that, even though I think I know a bit about music, I'm a novice really! Nabbed a couple for my collection (the first two since you ask). Rest assured, my money will be off to charity as recompense. Cheers

George said...

That Young John Watson song is the absolute bifters

Ramone666 said...

Bifters huh? That's cool.