Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Plant My Flag

Quite a cool concept: each song on Mark Lanegan's new record is linked to a chapter in his recent autobiography Sing Backwards And Weep. Dark, experimental and often dissonant, Straight Songs Of Sorrow is no easy listen, and that's cool with me, but to be honest not everything works as well as the Lou Reed-channeling highlight below.

Mark Lanegan - Ketamine


jonder said...

I'm not sure whether I want to read the book... love the man's music and who he is now as an artist, don't know if I need to know what he went through to get here. So many artist's bios and memoirs have made me think less of their music. A wise man said, "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at."

jonder said...

I forgot the question that I meant to ask! Have you read the book, and if so do you think it is necessary (or helpful) to understanding the album?

Ramone666 said...

Haven't read it yet as it just came out, but I guess I will eventually, however sordid it may be. Maybe you'll understand the album better when you've read the book, but that's only a guess at this poin of course.
Just came across this review though: