Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Don't Know Why

The country I call home is currently under heavy manners, as they used to call it in Jamaica, and the mood is grim. So it seems apt to dig out some prime reggae to lighten things up a wee bit. The underrated Leroy Smart may not have been one of the top voices of the Island, but as this triple helping of top-ranking roots tunes clearly shows, he did have that certain something. "Forgive them Jah Jah..."

Leroy Smart - God Helps The Man
Leroy Smart - Babylon vs Dread Locks
Leroy Smart - Shame & Pride


jonder said...

Heavy Manners indeed. Hopefully these aren't Armagideon Times. As for me, armagideon tired of sitting here in limbo, ha ha. Hang in there!

Ernie Goggins said...

Excellent stuff - thanks