Monday, January 27, 2020

Open Door

Found this one, its title waiting patiently on my wishlist for quite a while, in a funky record shop close to home recently. Warm sounds from the erstwhile Sea & Cake singer, expertly produced by Tortoise's John McEntire. Three and a half euritos well spent.

Sam Prekop - Density

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The Swede said...

Of the many Sea & Cake albums and myriad offshoot projects in my collection, 'Who's Your New Professor' is far and away my favourite. For some reason I only have it on CD - I must try to pick up a copy on vinyl. The album's release coincided with a very happy period in my life and its particular sound has a way of transporting me back there every single time I play it. I don't have a box of personal favourites by the front door that I'd grab on the way out in the event of a fire, but if I did, 'Who's Your New Professor' would definitely be in it.