Monday, October 28, 2019

Is There Gold?

Just my luck: got tickets for a Mark Lanegan gig tonight - been a while: last time I saw him he was still fronting the mighty Screaming Trees - and I just found out his new album is not to my taste at all. That trademark bariton sounds fine as always of course, but the songs on Somebody's Knocking are rather  throwaway and these eighties-sounding synths and booming drums don't help much either. Where recent albums like the ones made with Duke Garwood were electronica-heavy as well, that was subtly done. Here he hits you over the head with it. Oh well.

Mark Lanegan Band - Night Flight To Kabul

Let's keep an open mind and see what happens onstage at Sala Apolo later on. All I know is I prefer him sounding like this:

Mark Lanegan - The River Rise
Mark Lanegan - No Contestar
Mark Lanegan - Halcyon Daze


jonder said...

Hope it is a great show! I too am less enamored with the 80's synth sound that Dark Mark has recently adopted, but I respect the man for growing and changing, and maybe the songs will grow on me. I felt the same way when I first heard Wye Oak's "Shriek" album, but the songs won me over when I heard them live.

Ramone666 said...

Gig got aborted midway due to technical problems...
Good thing is I just heard we're getting a full refund.

jonder said...

That's a shame. I considered driving a few hours to see Mark with Simon Bonney earlier this year, and I regret that I decided against it.