Monday, April 8, 2019

What I Am

Arizona desert rockers in surprising second childhood shocker. Or: there's nothing dusty about the new Meat Puppets album, folks. Au contraire: it's surprisingly good.

Meat Puppets - Warranty


The Swede said...

My thoughts exactly. I gave the album a cursory once over a couple of months back and was quite frankly blown away by its quality. 1985's 'Up On the Sun' is one of my 'rescue from the flames' albums and it's a true pleasure to see the band hit such great form at this much later stage of their career. They're also performing in a town near me soon too - I'm a lucky lad.

Ramone666 said...

Indeed. Have a great night out!

Mitch R. said...

Great song, great band. There's a mid-80's Camper Van Beethoven vibe to this song for me. Great Americana.