Friday, November 9, 2018

Grey With Years

His recent marriage and the resulting domestic bliss are probably the reason our Will isn't as prolific nowadays as he used to be. And even his new Songs Of Love And Horror isn't really new in a way, as it finds him mainly looking back acoustically on his own oeuvre. It's always nice to hear the bonnie lad though, especially on this lovely a capella cover of an old Richard & Linda Thompson tune. For further reading: here's an interesting recent profile in Rolling Stone magazine.

Will Oldham - Strange Affair

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Spence said...

"It's always nice to hear the bonnie lad" you say. Well,I'm with your drift generally on this but for me there's spare and then there's Will Oldham spare and sometimes I'm afraid I just lose patience with him - this is one of those occasions. Always enjoy reading/listening to your blog though just in case you thought I was only here to knock!