Friday, October 12, 2018

Shot Again

I never was that much enamoured of Belly to be honest, but this Tanya Donelly beauty often pops up into my head all of a sudden. Like it did this fair morning. Just can't leave that dog alone I guess.

Belly - Slow Dog


Spence said...

It's some time since I thought of playing anything by Belly, it's some time since I even thought of them but.....playing your link just now, reminded me of the sheer exhilaration of listening to tracks like Slow Dog, Gepetto and Seal My Fate. Not much better than at the time seeing audiences explode along with the riffs in those songs. They had other decent tracks I recall - Feed The Tree, Now They'll Sleep, Judas My Heart. But in truth I never really made it past those first three. Time to play both albums through again - properly this time. Great post. Cheers

Ramone666 said...

Always glad to inspire, cheers!