Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How It Used To Be

"Paralyzed by the emptiness..." Erin Osmon's biography of Jason Molina - he of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co fame of course - is a fascinating and insightful read, but it sure is a sad and uneasy one, too. No wonder, as it's the story of a prolific artist with a capital A slowly but surely giving in to his ghosts, culminating in his tragic death at only 39 years of age. On the up side, Riding With The Ghost (out on May 15) provides an excellent opportunity to revisit Sparky's impressive back catalogue. Here's one prime example.

Songs: Ohia - Blue Factory Flame

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The Swede said...

Just the other day I was watching a Vic Chesnutt documentary on YouTube. The tragically early deaths of both Vic and Jason Molina almost serves to overwhelm the extraordinary musical legacy left by these superb artists. I was unaware of this book - thanks for the heads up.