Wednesday, May 11, 2016

World Will End

Another John Peel fave of old, the esteemed PJ Harvey, just released her eleventh studio album to date. And to be honest, it hasn't really convinced me yet. The Hope Six Demolition Project took Polly and her collaborator, the war photographer Seamus Murphy, to Afghanistan, Kosovo and the slums of Washington DC for research purposes. Of course, her reporting from these troubled places earns bonus points for its ambition and scope alone. Musically though, it just feels like a watered-down version of its predecessor, the mighty Let England Shake.

PJ Harvey - The Ministry Of Defence


The Swede said...

I confess that I initially felt exactly the same about the LP, but with every play I'm enjoying it more. 'Let England Shake' is a tough act to follow though.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks for the heads up Swede, I'll have to keep trying I suppose. Cheers!