Friday, October 16, 2015

Elephant Stone

Horns and jungle drums unite as Scratch & company dub it up dreader than dread. Trust me, this is upsetting. Find it on Blackboard Jungle Dub, a true reggae masterpiece. This one goes out to Marlon James by the way, first Jamaican to win the Man Booker prize. Can't wait to start reading his Brief History Of Seven Killings, my brethren.

The Upsetters - Elephant Rock


Jimmy Moose said...

just want to say, I try and check you out on a weekly basics, and there is always something that interests and ends up on my monthly mix tape for the car, cheers Sir, mp3 blogs are a disappearing breed, I count yours up there with the best, motel de moko, that for a long time introduced me to stuff that would otherwise pass me by, bye.

Ramone666 said...

Cheers mate. A dying breed and proud!