Monday, May 18, 2015

Dig In

In love with them tunes from the old, weird America? Then do yourselves a favour and buy this book. It's filled to the brim with colorful collector types, the blues mafia, throatsinging cowboys, and mythical Black Pattis. From the obvious (digging at dusty fleamarkets) to the ridiculous (scuba diving for lost wax wonders), it's an inspiring and thoroughly fun read. Nostalgic pre-war 78 rpm soundtrack in six pack form below, featuring tracks prominently highlighted in the book.

King Solomon Hill - My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon
Blind Uncle Gaspard - Sur Le Borde De L'Eau
Willie Brown - Future Blues
Down Home Boys - Original Stack O'Lee Blues
Kid Bailey - Mississippi Bottom Blues
Arthur Miles - Lonely Cowboy Part 1

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