Monday, January 26, 2015

Top Dollar

South African grooves supreme from that wonderful Cape Town piano player called Dollar Brand, who changed his name to Abdullah Ibrahim when he found a new faith. My fave Dollar tune will always be the mesmerizing Mannenberg a.k.a. Capetown Fringe, but as uncle Ernie posted that gem recently at 27 Leggies, I bring you this fine fine paean to youthful innocence instead. Dig in if you please.

Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim - Little Boy


The Swede said...

Wonderful. I have maybe 8 or 9 Dollar/Abdullah LPs, but I'm only scratching the surface of his vast catalogue. I could listen to his stuff all day long.

Ernie Goggins said...

"Uncle Ernie", is it? Normally I would come over there and clip your ear, you young whippersnapper, but tonight I'll be grooving to Mr Brand