Friday, August 29, 2014

Jive Five

Haven't heard that much exciting new tunage recently to be honest, but these babies struck me as pretty cool. Let's start off with Woods, who sound a lot more poppy all of a sudden on what is already album #8, With Light And With Love. A track like Shepherd proves they haven't lost that magic touch though. Tasty pedal steel, lads! Meanwhile up in Scotland, King Creosote composed a way interesting soundtrack to a documentary about his home country. It's titled From Scotland With Love, and I love it right back. After the demise of the mighty Black Swans, Jerry David DeCicca now goes it alone. If you like your folk real dark and moody, the resulting Understanding Land will be right up your alley. Amy and Dan from Village Of Spaces have been at it again, too. Welcome In is out on their own Turned World imprint, and if Wheels doesn't charm your socks off I don't know what will. And last but not least, let me present Alice Gerrard, a lady who's been playing folk and bluegrass for over fourty years. Her new offering Follow The Music was produced by none other than Hiss Golden Messenger's MC Taylor, which is a recommendation in itself methinks.

Woods - Shepherd
King Creosote - Cargill
Jerry David DeCicca - Before The Storm
Village Of Spaces - Wheels
Alice Gerrard - Boll Weevil


Charity Chic said...

Have the King Creosote album -excellent.
Looking forward to giving the rest a listen.

Ramone666 said...

King Creosote track taken down by the DMCA mafia. Sorry all.