Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Down For A While

Dylan's setlists are a pretty static affair these days, but here's a rare live debut from one of his recent Tokyo gigs. And a bloody good one it is, too. "My sword's in my hand and I'm next in command, in this version of death called life..."

Bob Dylan - Huck's Tune ( Live Tokyo '14)

Another recent rarity? Why not. Here's a one off cover of a Gordon Lightfoot tune, recorded live in Edmonton back in 2012. Song fits him like a glove. "It's a wicked wind and it chills me to the bone, and if you don't believe me come and gaze upon the shadow at your door..."

Bob Dylan - Shadows (Live Edmonton '12)


The Swede said...

The setlists may remain static, but he's in such fine voice, even better than the European tour late last year. It's been a pleasure to hear 'Tempest' songs like 'Pay in Blood', free of gargle.
There was an amusing quote I read and jotted down in 2012, 'Bob Dylan’s voice is like a thousand porcelain vases getting run over by smog-belching tractors'. Not at the moment it ain't.

Anonymous said...

It's not just he's in fine voice, but these setlists are so much the newer material, which is so much more suited to his vocal range these days. But even more than that, he's taken the volume down about five notches and focusing on material that's fresh for him. It's the best he's been live in over a decade. Stunning stuff and yet another resurgence, the man is a phenomenon.

Unknown said...

it's like is trying to say something by both the consistent structure of what he does and the things he does rarely too that stand out.