Saturday, January 18, 2014

Home From Pearl Harbour

Gun Club legend Jeffrey Lee Pierce goes way out with an obscure - and decidedly weird - Willie Blackwell oldie. Anyone got the original to share perhaps? Much obliged in advance.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Junior's Got A Jap Girl For Christmas (Live Slovenia '94)

And while we're at it, here are two tracks from the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, where the unfinished songs Pierce left behind were revived by the likes of Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, and David Eugene Edwards. Not all that glitters is gold in this undertaking, but mssrs. Lanegan and Harvey definitely managed to do Jeffrey's fiery heritage justice.

Mark Lanegan - Constant Waiting
Mick Harvey - Sonny Boy

Stop press: found it already, with faithful reader Holly coming to the rescue. Thanks a mil! Slightly different - and strange - title, totally different lyrics, but this must be the one alright...

Willie Blackwell - Junior's A Jap Girl's Christmas For His Santa Claus

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