Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Do

After a 16 year absence, the Scud Mountain Boys have teamed up again, and that's mighty good news. I still treasure the mid-nineties output of Joe Pernice & co, their impeccable Dance The Night Away album being a particular favourite. Lord knows I tried, but the oft-lauded Pernice Brothers - Joe's next project - never moved me just the way the Scuds did. So eat a chocolate rabbit, watch Captain Kangaroo, and give these guys another chance if you please. Do you love the sun?

Scud Mountain Boys - Double Bed
Scud Mountain Boys - The Mendicant


JohnnyDiego said...

I stumbled upon the 2001 CD "The World Won't End" by the Pernice Brothers and thought this was some of the most melodic pop I had heard in ages. So I promptly bought up all the Pernice Brothers and Scud Mountain Boys that I could find.
What I discovered was that most of Joe Pernice's songs all sound alike. After hearing one or two I get bored, especially the slower tunes.
Most of "The World Won't End" is great stuff but I think that of all the CDs out there 10 or 12 songs could be culled to make one very good album. The rest are just filler.
My opinion, of course.

But now Scud Mountain Boys - "The Mendicant," another great song, should be added to that very good imaginary album of which I spoke.
Thanks for the post.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks for your cool comment. I personally prefer Pernice in country mode to his pop-side, so I see where you're coming from..