Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cares For Me

From Heroin to Sister Morphine and from The Needle And The Damage Done to Chinese Rocks, there's loads of great junkie laments out there. My fave has always been Love's Signed D.C. Not the fine but just a tiny bit too sweet first incarnation on their 1966 debut mind, but rather the hard rockin', desperate-sounding remake from their '69 Out Here album. D.C. is said to refer to one-time Love drummer and dopefiend Don Conka by the way. "My soul belongs to the dealer, he keeps my mind as well..." Pick your poison below. Bonus: two blistering cover versions.

Love - Signed D.C. ('66 version)
Love - Signed D.C. ('69 version)
Grant Hart - Signed D.C.
Dead Moon - Signed D.C.

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Holly said...

Brilliant song. I'd not heard Grant Hart's version, it's mesmerizing.